We are real estate developers with a combined experience of over 50 years in the Dominican Republic second home market. Our mission is to take away the hassle of buying a second home in a country different from your own.

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With its main entrance conveniently located on the main La Vega-Jarabacoa road, ALTERRA is  the most accesible development of its kind in the area. Within a 30 minute drive of Santiago International Airport (with daily international flights to the U.S and Europe) and the city of Santiago, the second largest in the country, we offer the perfect combination of tranquility and the ability to enjoy the city life whenever you feel so inclined. 

We're also located less than a two hour drive away from Puerto Plata and some of the most stunning beaches in all of the Caribbean. Our owners will have exclusive access and membership to our beach clubs in Luperon Bay and Las Terrenas, Samaná. There you will have the chance to enjoy the beach, sailing, fishing, snorkling, and scuba diving, among other activities.

Our lots offer majestic views of the Cibao Valley and the island's Central Mountain range, with perfect temperatures all year long and a green development standard that integrates fully with the surrounding nature. 

Currently in its first phase of development, ALTERRA consists of 850,000 square meters of land, over 300,000 of which, will be kept as a natural tropical park reservoir for the enjoyment of our residents. We also offer low cost financing through our bank partners.



The name dates back to its original Taíno native inhabitants and it is roughly translated as "Land of Waters". The spanish conquistadors came here looking for gold yet never established a permanent settlement, although to this day gold can be picked from some of its many rivers.

It wasn't until 1805, during the Hatian invasion of the Cibao region that residents from the cities of Santiago and La Vega escaped to the mountains of the Central Range and settled in the valley of Jarabacoa that a permanent settlement was established. In 1854, a military post was established and the town was formally founded.

Jarabacoa has a tropical rainforest climate, with warm days and mild nights during most ot the year, and temperate days and cool nights on winter, due to its tropical location and high elevation, visitors have chastened Jarabacoa as "The City of Everlasting Spring".

One of the main touristic attractions is the mountains and natural beauty of the area. It is also one of the main access routes to El Pico Duarte, the highest peak in all of the Caribbean at 3,087m, and the Ebano Verde Scientific Reserve. It is home to three large rivers including the Yaque del Norte (the longest in the Caribbean), the Baiguate, and the Jimenoa and countless streams, creeks, lakes and impressive waterfalls. There is also a golf course and two country clubs in town.

Jarabacoa has a thriving agricultural economy for export products such as coffee, Pimento Peppers, strawberrys and a large variety of vegetables. Ecotourism and real estate have also become an important part of economic development in the last 10 years.